C'est un mystère.

“The instant you speak about a thing you miss the mark.”


Unspeakable desires haunt my every being. Formidable feelings harbor  within me that need to be kept on the Tower of Babel. Not only are these feelings forbidden but they are also sinful. Certainly , I deserve to suffer in the second circle of Dante’s Inferno even though I have not acted on these emotions for thoughts with such abominable natures are just as equally blasphemous. I will thus save myself the disgrace in this world and bring it to the fires of the underworld where I am just a grain of sand in the infernal ocean of sinners where, if I am fortunate enough, I will be forgotten and insignificant.

Unluckily enough for me, I tend to act on impulse. I can never keep my feelings in check. I just keep wishing that this Pandora’s box not be opened in the near future. I wish to keep these hidden desires locked in a vault where they will hopefully decay into nothingness. If it does leave something behind, let it be just mere radiation and I will gladly take the cancer as a way to forgiveness. 

  • 31 July 2011
  • 45